COVID-19 Risk Assessment

As part of the wider opening of schools to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, we have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment to take account of the increased need to focus on the health and safety of everyone at school. Our risk assessment document is a working document that changes over time in line with new government guidance and any relevant changes within our school community. It has been produced in close consultation with our Chair of Governors, Steve Bramley and our Embark Federation CEO, Matt Crawford.

Summary of the key points:

·  All children in school will be taught in small groups in each classroom. Children will be allocated a group, with two members of staff and they will remain with the same group of children and adults throughout each day. They will not mix with other groups.

·  Each classroom has been set up so that every child is 2 metres apart and they will have their own desk and equipment that will not be shared with any other child.

·  Children will be asked to wash their hands often and each classroom has sanitising gel.

·  Staff will clean desks and equipment throughout the day and will ensure that children’s belonging remain separate.

·  Cleaners will clean at the end of each day and there will be additional cleaning throughout the day for toilets and common areas. On Fridays, the school will be thoroughly cleaned.

·  Entrances and exits are separate and each group will stagger their arrival time and finishing time. Parents will be separated and will not be allowed onto the school site. The main school corridor is marked at 2 metre intervals to ensure social distancing.

·  Children will keep their belongings with them in their allocated room and cloakrooms will not be used.

·  Toileting will be managed so that children are not using toilets together. Handwashing will be supervised and gel provided. 

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